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Therapeutic Recreation is a major component of the treatments available to residents at Saxony Health Center. Individual and group activities are designed and supervised. The many organized activities include a food group, bingo, arts and crafts, exercise and music therapy.

Medical Services offer intensive nursing care, treatment for wounds requiring  procedures, as well as assessments and monitoring of resident care.

Rehabilitation Services are
patient focused and team coordinated. Individualized care plans and one-on-one treatments focus on measurable outcomes.

Respite Care is the ideal alternative for
individuals whose family members need to be away for short periods of time. Nothing can equal the peace of mind that quality, round-the-clock respite care has to offer.
Dietary Services are provided by a registered dietician who reviews the special needs of residents and customizes nutritional meal plans, while considering residents’ food preferences.

Social Services provide assistance to residents and their families. Financial planning, support groups, discharge planning and counseling are some of the program elements.

Consulting Services relating to psychiatric, dental, audiological, ophthamological, podiatry and other special medical needs are provided on request.

Palliative Services are provided for terminally ill residents and their families. Dignity and quality of life are core principles in the administration of this program.
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