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At Saxony Health Center, our therapy team works with each resident’s physician 
and the nursing staff to create a tailored rehabilitation and restorative program 
that will help keep the resident at his or her highest functional level.
Short-term Rehabilitation:
This is an alternative for individuals well enough to leave an acute care hospital, but not well enough to return home. Ultimately, our goal is to assist patients in improving their quality of life and regaining an active, independent lifestyle upon returning home.

Physical Therapy:
Physical therapy meets the needs of residents who have a loss of some physical function due to an illness or injury. We help residents regain functional abilities such as walking and improve strength, balance and endurance as well as support recovering from injuries. 
Physical therapy offers:

  • Gait Training with Assistive Devices

  • Balance Training

  • Muscle Strengthening &               Coordination

  • Transfer Training

  • Prosthetic Evaluation & Training
Occupational Therapy:
Occupational therapy helps residents return to their optimal level of independence in activities of daily living (self-feeding, bathing, dressing, toileting and homemaking). 
Occupational therapy may include:

  • Splint Fabrication / Modification

  • Safety Training

  • Activities of Daily Living

  • Assistive Device Assessment / Training

  • Upper Extremity Strengthening/ Coordination

Speech Therapy:
Speech therapy treats patients with
speech, language, swallowing and
hearing impairments. The resident’s
ability to communicate and swallow
are two functional skills improved
through therapy. 
Speech Therapy  includes:

  • Speech / Language
          Evaluation / Therapy

  • Swallowing Evaluation &

  • Alternate means of Communication
          Assessment & Training

  • Cognitive Assessment Training

  • Vocal Evaluation & Treatment
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"Everyone has been so kind and has treated us like family. Physical Therapy has been super with helping him regain his strength and ability to walk. He has come along way in all aspects Social, physical and medical. I just cant say enough good things, I feel like God's hands were in this." 
Margaret White spouse of William White